Thursday, November 8, 2007

Benefits Of Nudism
There are many benefits of nudism. Non-nudists often scratch their heads in wonderment. "Why would anyone in their right mind prance around in a public setting in front of total strangers in their birthday suit? What's this world coming to!?"

There are many good, legitimate reasons why nudists prefer being nude. The downside, of course, is that most newcomers feel awkward with nudism, at least at first. Perhaps they're uncomfortable with the way they look. Maybe they are afraid that others might discover that they don't look like Miss America or Arnold Schwarzenegger beneath all those layers of clothing.

In addition to that, even people with great physiques don't want to offend others. And they probably don't want everybody gawking at them in a lewd way.

All of these concerns are understandable. Certainly it would be naive to say none of these things are ever a problem at nudist resorts. Nevertheless, most nudists will vouch that these concerns are seldom an issue. When they do come up, most resort owners have rules that prohibit inappropriate behavior. Most members of nudist resorts do not want to lose their good standings. And most owners of nudist resorts do not want to drive away their good customers. For these reasons, most nudist resorts provide a safe environment.

So what's the upside? What are some of the benefits of nudism? Below, I've made a list of benefits, dividing them into two categories: (1) Practical Benefits and (2) Health Benefits.


(1) Practical Benefits:

  • There Are Less Hassles With Your Clothing and Laundry
    Going nude reduces your laundry bill. Clothes last a lot longer because there are fewer washings and less fading. Also, there's and wear and tear on your clothes. Therefore, a nudist doesn't have to buy as many new clothes.

  • There's No Danger Of Spilling Food Or Beverages On Your Clothes And Staining Them If You Eat In The Nude

  • There's No Stress Involved Trying To Decide What To Wear If You Don't Wear Clothes

  • No Time Is Wasted Trying To Decide What To Wear

  • Less Time Is Spent Packing Luggage If You Are Going On Vacation To A Nudist Resort

  • Less Luggage Is Needed If You Are Going On Vacation To A Nudist Resort

  • If You Are Going Backpacking Nude, Less Gear Is Needed; Therefore, There Is Less Gear To Carry On Your Back

  • Nude Sunbathing Prevents Ugly Tan Lines

  • It's Better To Swim Without A Swim Suit Or Swimming Trunks
    Before the YMCA became co-ed in the early 1960s, men and boys swam completely nude. Since nylon was a relatively new invention at that time, it was feared that allowing swimsuits made of cotton or wool in the pool would clog up their filtration system.

    Most nudist resorts are located near a swimming pool or beach. When you are swimming naked, you don't have to fight the waves as much.

  • You Don't Have To Worry About Accidentally Losing Your Trunks Or Swimsuit

  • Nude Swimming Feels Better
    When swimming nude, the water simply feels better against your unencumbered skin than when you're wearing a wet swim suit or trunks. Then, when you get out of the water, you don't have to worry about that icky feeling of a wet swim suit clinging to your body.

  • You Don't Need To Worry About Getting Sand In Your Trunks Or Swimsuit

(2) Health Benefits:

  • The Sun Helps Clear Up Psoriasis
    Psoriasis is a skin disease which turns your skin purple. Those suffering from psoriasis are treated by dermatologists by having the patient sit under a flourescent light, simulating the rays of the sun. Going nude does the exact same thing. It's cheaper, plus it's a lot more fun.

  • There Are Health Advantages Of Sleeping Nude
    Sleeping nude allows the air to travel freely over your entire body. Your body is therefore better able to distribute heat. As a result, you'll be cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter (under blankets, of course).

  • There Are Health Advantages of Nude Sunbathing
    Nude sunbathing allows your entire body to benefit from the positive effects of the sun.

  • Nudism Helps Prevent Lyme Disease
    Lyme disease is carried by a little bug called the deer-tick. Deer-ticks bite when they lodge themselves between your clothing and your skin. You can brush them off more easily before they find a place to bite if you are nude.

  • Skinny dipping can help reduce rash from sea lice.
    Sea lice, or jellyfish larvae stings cause a painful, itchy rash. The sea lice sting when they get trapped between your suit and skin. The obvious conclusion is to reduce your swimwear to reduce the chances of getting stung.

  • Fertility May Be Improved By Nudism
    Going nude allows the male genitals to adapt better to changes in temperature. Clothing inhibits the natural mechanism of the body, especially if that clothing is tight and restrictive. This, in turn, may result in reduced fertility.